This Australian flash mob for same-sex marriage will fill you with joy


If this doesn’t get Australians voting ‘Yes’ we don’t know what will!

As the country down under takes part in an ongoing postal vote on same-sex marriage, things have gotten ugly, with priests declaring ‘all gays should be shot’ and MPs telling LGBT+ people to “stop being delicate little flowers”.

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Which is why this marriage equality flash mob in Melbourne is a much needed bit of light relief.

Beginning with a rendition of Macklemore and Mary Lambert’s same-sex marriage anthem Same Love by a lone singer, the square is quickly filled with almost 50 brightly-coloured dancers busting a move for equal rights.

The performance features a string of appropriately gay anthems, including Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, Kylie Minogue’s All The Lovers, and the Scissor Sisters’ Let’s Have a Kiki.

But the best part is saved for the finale, a show-stopping lip sync to Heather Smalls’ Proud by Leasa Mann – because what good is a flash mob without a drag queen in a shimmering rainbow dress to lead it?

“Love is in the air! Because marriage equality is about people and love,” videographer Jackson Raine wrote.

“This performance was produced to spread the message of hope to LGBTI people that Australia will say YES to equal rights. Yes to marriage equality. If you haven’t yet voted do it now.”

Watch the brilliant performance below.



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