Passengers jump from London train onto tracks over man ‘reading homophobic Bible verses’

© Justin Foulger via Flickr

“He caused such panic that some people have forced open the doors…”

A train heading into London Waterloo station yesterday was evacuated after passengers grew concerned over a man reciting homophobic bible verses in a carriage.

The South Western Railway service from Shepperton to Waterloo was affected after the preacher read text that suggested men who lie with men should be put to death.

Commuters felt alarmed by the man’s anti-gay rhetoric and opened a an emergency door while the train was stopped at a signal.

Some passengers feared for their safety so much they even jumped onto the tracks.

“He caused such panic that some people have forced open the doors and jumped on the tracks,” one witness told the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

“He recited lines about homosexuality and sex outside marriage being a sin, God gave his only son for our sins etc.

“Some guy tried to tell him to stop it as he was scaring people and causing a crush.”

Because the man was also wearing a large rucksack, some passengers mistakenly believed he posed a terror threat, according to some reports.

However, police searched the train and found nothing suspicious.

“We were called at 8.31 AM to a disturbance on board a train just outside Wimbledon station,” a spokesperson for British Transport Police said.

“Passengers had evacuated themselves off the train onto the tracks.

“We are currently investigating but there have been no arrests and there are no reported injuries.”

Network Rail added: “Passengers self-evacuated off a train and on to the tracks at Wimbledon this morning after a passenger incident.

“British Transport Police are investigating and there were no injuries to passengers or staff.”



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