New app designed to revolutionise LGBT+ healthcare


An emerging new app aims to connect LGBT+ patients and doctors in a way that has never before been seen…

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you’ve had to tell your clearly straight doctor about anal sex with another man and felt a little uncomfortable? Well those days may soon be a thing of the past.

App creator and developer Phil Williams has created SpectrumScores along with two medical students, Jun Jeon and Naven Jain, because they believes patients are a spectrum, therefore healthcare should be too.

When he was 11, Williams told his doctor he thought he was gay, and in turn, the doctor immediately referred him to a mental heath expert.

This experience has stuck with him into his adulthood, and led him to firmly believe LGBT+ patients deserve to feel more included, and less judged in a hospital environment.

A recent survey in America highlights that over half of LGBT+ individuals have reported discrimination in a healthcare setting.

SpectrumScores allows users to search, review and rate healthcare providers in four areas; welcoming environment, inclusive policies, LGBT+ knowledge, and a combination of the three areas.

The information will be provided by LGBT+ advocacy groups, medical centres and in the future, individual app users themselves.

William told Philly Mag: “We envision building a community where LGBTQ+ patients can leverage their experiences so that nobody has to feel left in the dark anymore when it comes to healthcare.”

We may be waiting a while though. The app is just about to begin beta-testing, and SpectrumScores is expected to first launch in selected US cities, including New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, with plans to expand across the United States.

We hope to see the groundbreaking new app hitting the UK soon.



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