Chile introduces same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption bill


Michelle Bachelet, the president of one of the most conservative Latin American countries, has introduced a bill to allow same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption across Chile.

Following a sequence of liberal reforms over the past few years, Bachelet stated in Chile’s presidential palace: “We can’t let old prejudices be stronger than love.”

In Chile, same-sex unions were given the green light back in 2015, after years of political struggle.

Bachelet has a left-wing, liberal reputation, and as of Monday, has now fulfilled her promise to provide a full marriage bill to legislators.

© Michelle Bachelet

Her push for same-sex marriage seems to be in line with multiple countries across South America, as full marriage equality has been achieved in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico.

Chile is under powerful Roman Catholic influence, which is known generally to strongly oppose same-sex unions.

During the signing ceremony, Bachelet said: “It is not ethical nor fair to put artificial limits on love”.

Also tweeting, she added: “For love there are no conditions. For moving forward towards an inclusive Chile, today I signed bill of #EqualMarriage.”

The Bill awaits approval from the two houses of congress to pass.



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