Man receives seven-year jail sentence for infecting two men with HIV


The Crown Prosecution Service revealed that he had explicitly lied about his HIV status.

Antonio Reyes-Minana has been sentenced to seven years in prison for infecting two gay men with HIV, after being convicted of grievous bodily harm.

He had tested positive for HIV in 2010, but kept the truth of his status hidden when proceeded to have unprotected sex with two male partners.

One he had met through friends, while the other he met online.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how he had pursued sexual relationships with both men, and after infecting them with HIV, tried to lie to one of them that it was someone else who he has acquired the virus from.

One victim discovered he had acquired HIV in 2012, while the other found out a year later in 2013.

“Antonio Reyes-Minana withheld his HIV status from one partner and lied to the other,” said James Allen from the Crown Prosecution Service.

“He lied about the nature of his relationships with the victims and tried to blame a third party for infecting them, insinuating that their allegations were part of a plot against him.

“However, scientific evidence supported the prosecution case that it was Reyes-Minana had transmitted the virus to the victims.

“The victims gave important evidence during the trial to demonstrate how Reyes-Minana must have known he was taking the risk of transmitting HIV.

“The CPS supported both victims by securing special measures in court, allowing them to give their evidence without the additional pressure of being publicly identified.

“The consequences of Reyes-Minana’s actions will remain with his victims for the rest of their lives. This sentence reflects the seriousness of his offending.”

Antonio Reyes-Minana was given three and half years in prison for each victim, which he will serve consecutively.

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