Owen Jones’ new LBC show: Will he focus on LGBT+ issues?


The openly gay journalist is set to make his national radio debt this Saturday on LBC. 

The 33-year-old is a lead weekend presenter this week at the station after replacing the ever controversial Katie Hopkins.

Sitting in for Naajid Mawaz from 12-3pm this Saturday, Jones is expected to cover topics surrounding his usual left wing politics, opposing the hardline right rhetoric that we have seen more regularly over the past few years in many parties and governments, and political changes in countries around the world.

In a promo video for the show, Jones promises to talk candidly and open up conversation around mental health issues.

“One thing I’m really passionate about is mental health. The biggest killer of men in Britain under 50 is suicide,” Jones said. “All over Britain, young men are suffering in silence.”

Jones wants to remove the shame and stigma around speaking out about mental health, and pressure the government into providing more adequate care and funding for those who find themselves in need.

“This is a scandal. Wherever you happen to be on the political spectrum we’ve got to unite,” he said.

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“How many people have to die, disproportionally men, but also women as well, until we as a country finally take seriously this absolute scandal which leaves millions of people suffering in silence?

“[There are] tragically, thousands of people dying unnecessarily.”

Mental health is particularly rife in the LGBT+ community.

Last month Riyadh Khalaf’s BBC Three series showed how mental health and rejection led to 1 in 4 homeless people identifying as LGBT+.

We hope that the openly gay ‘golden boy of liberalism’ will also shine the spotlight on issues closer to home and bring LGBT+ concerns into the political forefront in his show.

One of only very few LGBT+ political reporters, Jones has the opportunity to popularise these topics even more than he already has.

We think the Guardian columnist might soon have his own LBC slot at the weekend.

Whatever you think of his politics, having him on board at the polarising station is a step in the right direction.



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