‘No gays and no pets’ – Gay couple refused reservation at Italian guest house

Norbert Nagel via Wikimedia

A couple from Naples have been denied entry at a guest house because of their sexuality.

When the two men were planning a get-away to the coastal village of Santa Maria, in south Calabria, the last thing they expected was for their sexuality to become an issue. But, that’s exactly what happened.

The two had decided that they’d like to book a guest house that they had spotted online, and got in contact with the owner through WhatsApp messenger. But after sending their request, they were given a shocking reply…

“Thank you for your booking,” the owner wrote. “This is the first year that we are renting [the guest house], apologies for seeming a caveman, but we do not accept gays or pets.”

Horrified by the reply, the couple took a screenshot of the message and sent it straight to Arcigay Napoli, an Italian association that advocates for LGBT+ rights, to complain about the discrimination that they were facing.

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“After all this time, I refuse to be treated as if there was something wrong with me,” one of the two men, named only as G, told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

“It is not fair. I was not upset just because of what happened to us, I thought about thousands of youths who could be subjected to the same treatment. It is a thought that hurt me too much.”

G explained how it had been 12 years since he came out of the closet, and that he and his partner had been together for over seven years.

Arcigay Napoli has responded by calling the incident a “grave act of discrimination and homophobia”, and say that they intend for the guest house to be excluded from all holiday booking websites.

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