A man has been cautioned by his gym for being ‘too gay’

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A Singapore man has been cautioned by his gym manager after complaints were filed over his ‘Gay But Not Yet Equal’ vest top.

Jee Leong Koh, a Singaporean Oxford Graduate, was sat down for a 15 minute interrogation with the manager after some complaints had been flied surrounding his pro-LGBT vest top.

It was his fourth visit to the SAFRA Mount Faber Club Gym during his visit home.

The poor guy was only there to work on his “pecs and butt, like other gym users”.

The manager told him that he isn’t banned, but should “be sensitive to other gym users” since being gay was deemed a “social issue”.

“I don’t think this is the end of it,” Jee wrote on Facebook. “I suspect that the complainants will complain to the gym manager again, and if he does not take stronger action against me, they will turn to his boss, the manager of the SAFRA Club.

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“SAFRA stands for Singapore Armed Forces Reservist Association. They provide, among other benefits, recreational facilities for National Servicemen and their families.

“I have done my National Service and Reservist training: I finished as an infantry company commander with the rank of captain.

“I had not come out as gay then. The Armed Forces require all self-declared gay men to serve National Service, and so it would be wrong to deny these gay servicemen, self-declared or otherwise, any of the benefits afterwards.”

Jee added: “It would be an injustice to stop me from using any of the facilities of the SAFRA Recreational Clubs just because a few members do not like my tank top. Or, to put it more bluntly, just because they do not like gay people.

“And if I’m not allowed to wear my tank top to the SAFRA gym, would I be allowed to wear it walking about Singapore, or would the same people who complained to the gym complain to the police about my ‘social advocacy on a sensitive social issue’?

“It’s a tank top, for goodness sake. Would you want to take me in for a tank top? Singapore would be a laughing stock to the world.”

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Words Ifan Llewelyn




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