Time to turn your silent mode on – Grindr will soon have push notifications


The hook-up app company has announced that UK users will soon be able to turn on push notifications when messaged.

We’ve all been on that date. The one that’s going really well and you’re having a great time, until your phone flashes up and that Tinder notification noise rings around the room, making things seriously awkward.

Well, get ready for that, but worse. Grindr users in Britain will soon be able to receive notifications when messaged on the app.

Previously if you had an account, you would only be able to check your messages when on the app, but if you had paid for the premium service you could be notified when you were messaged.

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Since the UK is one of the biggest markets for the app – with 700,000 users in London alone– Grindr has decided to reward us by giving us all the option of push notifications.

This means no more staring blankly at the app while it refreshes, waiting for the messages to come through. No more constantly turning the app back on to see if that hot guy 150 metres away has replied.

But BE WARNED. This new update could leave you in many a sticky situation. So we’re going to help you out.

Here’s a list of when you need to turn off the notifications from the app: Your grandmother’s funeral, a first date, when that cute guy sits next to you on the tube, a second date, Sunday mornings at church, all dates in general, your wedding day and maybe all days after that…

Words Ifan Llewelyn

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