Gay couple ‘beaten close to death’ at German refugee camp


The asylum seekers were targeted because of their sexuality.

A Serbian gay couple were beaten close to death at a refugee camp in Germany last week, in what has been described as a viscous homophobic attack.

They had tried to hide the fact they are gay at the camp they were staying at.

The men – who are married – turned up at hospital covered in blood, and will need surgery for some of their injuries.

The horrific attack was revealed in a Facebook post by Javid Nabiyev on the Queer Refugees for Pride page.

“How many people should face this kind of attack, to make all of you believe, to convince all of you, that our situation is urgent?” said Nabiyev.

“What happened yesterday is happening all over the place. If this person was a German citizen would police react the same way?”

Nabiyev added that he attempted to have the men transferred to a more tolerant refugee camp, but his request was denied as they need to have a “good reason” to be moved.

“To make officials to believe and to prove the urgency of the situation they needed to face attack,” he added.

“They don’t want to believe when they complain about the situation in a verbal way.”

Nabiyev continued: “Every time we say queer people, refugees need protection, special shelters, because we are also members of this particular group by the refugee convention.

“But how the authorities are reacting is, ‘Hmm, you are a small group compared to other refugees’.

“But exactly because of this we need protection.”

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