Gay Muslim received shocking online abuse after getting married


In an interview on This Morning, the newly-weds discuss the online abuse they received after their same-sex Muslim wedding.

Jahed Choudhury, a 24-year-old gay Muslim, and his 19-year-old husband Sean Rogan, appeared on the ITV daytime show yesterday.

The interview took a solemn turn when the two discussed the abuse that both of them have faced online after their nuptials made headline news.

They revealed that not only themselves, but members of their families had also been targeted by the online abuse.

“This morning I got a phone call saying some hate comments, towards my mum. It is not just Muslims, it is anyone who is homophobic,” Jahed said.

“My family support me no matter what. My mum has been through hell and back. She’s getting hate right now, but she’s been supporting me a lot.”

He then goes on to acknowledge the inherent homophobia within Islam since it is in writing “in black and white” in the Quran.

Despite that, he still sees himself as a devout Muslim who will “carry on praying of the rest of my life”.

As a teenager, Jahed said he had been sent to Saudi Arabia be “cured” of his homosexuality, and revealed he was desperate to get rid of it within himself, having realized in school that he was attracted to other boys.

Having more interest in fashion than football, he was targeted by homophobic bullies.

After a failed suicide attempt, Jahed was left crying on a park bench. It was there he met Sean, who approached him to see if he was alright.

They quickly started falling for each other, and Jahed proposed to Sean on his 18th birthday.

They were given a house by the Housing Association and started living together.

Sean says that he’s “stood by him every step of the way” and will do “for the rest of his life”.

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Words Ifan Llewelyn



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