YAS! Have you seen RuPaul throw some serious shade at Kelleyanne Conway?

Kelleyanne Conway has been mocked after an interview in which she used bizarre visual aids to illustrate her point.

In the interview, she used printed words ‘Conclusion?’ ‘Collusion.’ ‘Illusion’ ‘Delusion’ to discuss the White House stance on the Trump and Russia collusion allegations during last year’s election.

However, RuPaul was having none of it, tweeting out her own reaction to Conway’s latest and possibly strangest interview yet.

The meme reaction to the tweet saw Ru replacing the words printed on Kelleyanne;s visual aids with her own RuPaul’s Drag Race catch-phrases ‘Shantay you stay’ and ‘Sashay away’. She also announced that the councillor is up for elimination.

We’re pretty sure Kellyanne would not survive a lip-sync for her life.

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In the interview, Kellyanne took jabs at the ‘fake news’ media, who she believed were after poor innocent Donald.

The meme came about after Kellyanne decided that in order for those who voted for Trump to understand what she claims to be going on, she had to dumb it down.

She said that the ‘Conclusion’ was that there is no proof of ‘Collusion’, and that it was all an ‘Illusion’ thought up by news outlets, who are all in a ‘Delusion’.

Rightfully so, her Sesame Street-esque presentation was instantly meme’d on Twitter.

Here are a few of the best…

Words Ifan Llewelyn



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