We ❤ Tommy Dorfman! Get a sneak peek inside the July issue of Gay Times

He’s queer, gender fluid and the star of 13 Reasons Why. Tommy Dorfman is our July cover star.

Tommy Dorfman is one of the rising stars to emerge from Netflix’s controversial new series 13 Reasons Why. The 25 year old revels in the controversy, noting that the show has instigated a conversation around mental health in young people that is sorely needed.

Incredibly frank, and incredibly cute, we sit down with Tommy for an exclusive, no-holds-barred shoot and interview about his husband, struggles with addiction, gender fluidity and The Spice Girls (duh).

Tommy’s battles with addiction and mental health echo the experiences of many in our community. He notes the self-medicating habits that he acquired in order to remove himself from some of the more unpleasant parts of his life.

“…partying was definitely this sort of a check-out from that, and a check-out from reality.”

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Luke Fontana

He goes on to recount how losing his virginity helped shape his perception of consent and highlighted the importance of more representative sexual education in schools in order to prepare LGBT+ youth properly.

“We didn’t have proper sex education – if you weren’t, y’know, a cisgendered straight male or female… That’s all you got to learn about. I think as a gay person, you just figure it out as you go, for better or worse.”

The road to his sobriety and ultimate success was paved by his husband Peter, who asked the simple question: “Why do you do this if it doesn’t make you happy?”

“For me I think that was the realisation that I don’t actually have an answer for that, I just can’t stop.”

Tommy’s unique tone and personality evince a positive response to hardship within the LGBT+ community, and his use of platform to promote love and equality demonstrate his rightful place in the limelight. This responsibility that our idols and icons alike have to enact change and project positive messages cannot be understated in a world increasingly burdened by a cacophony of hatred.

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Not only is Paul O’Grady bringing the gays to Blind Date, he’s also waging war on Russia! In our exclusive interview he discusses how frustrating he finds it when celebrities don’t speak out on the issues affecting our community, with a far less diplomatic idea of what to do about Chechnya:

“Maybe we should all get together arm ourselves to the teeth and go over there and do a military coup, I’d love it, pull up in a tank and say ‘open them fucking gates or I’m going to blow them open’ … I’m old school, me. I’m eye for an eye.”

Platforms and positivity are nothing new for Stuart Milk who, nearly 40 years since his his uncle Harvey Milk’s tragic assassination, continues to carry the torch of equality in the world of political activism.

Examining the current climate which has unfortunately turned some in our community against other minorities, Milk presses for the inherent need for open dialogue and discussion of all civil rights issues.

“I’ve seen the weeping faces of Muslim women and men, whether in Istanbul or Manchester, who hear uncle Harvey’s story and now yearn for his dream of full embrace and acceptance.”

Matt Crockett

Solidarity between communities is also important for this month’s Gay Times Fitty, Miles Yekinni. He shares why he’s proud as a straight, Muslim man to stand shoulder to shoulder with our community, and how he’d like to see less division in our world.

“… we’re in a very divided world at the moment and it’s important for anyone who looks up to me to know that I don’t want to be part of a divided world… Everyone has different qualities and we have to celebrate that.”

We sit down with Geri Horner on her return to music after 12 years, and the song that she’s written for George Michael. After an initial crush on the late popstar, Geri and George’s enduring friendship was a testament to his immense generosity and goodwill, and this new record is a continuation of her mourning one of the most important people in her life.

Alexander Thompson

Ginger Spice isn’t the only musical heavyweight returning to the airwaves, as we chat with Debbie Harry about Blondie’s come-back. Debbie describes her elastic concept of gender, becoming a gay icon, and how she considers herself almost unisex today:

“I don’t know what kind of sex I am. I feel like I have so many different sexes in me and I feel sorry for people who don’t feel that way about themselves.”

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Joseph Sinclair

Jonny Pierce has emerged as the sole remaining member of The Drums, and with the release of his fourth album under his belt he shares with us his life story so far. In our unreserved interview, Jonny outlines his battles with substance abuse, the restrictions of his religious upbringing, and his suspicion that his father sent him to conversion therapy because he himself was gay.

Refreshingly honest, Jonny is far from ‘the guy who wrote that song about surfing’.

“I fantasised every day and night about one of the fellow pastors in my father’s church who I thought was super handsome. I used to imagine him fucking me at the alter.”

In this issue you’ll also find: your festival fitness survival guide; 5 facts about Hepatitis A; a book full of dick pics; the struggles of growing old in the wrong body in the trans-centric film Dusk; the new Hollyoaks storyline that tackles mental health; as well as style, travel, culture and much more.

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