Google Chrome extension turns homophobia into a celebration of LGBT+ Pride

Tired of seeing bigotry from social media trolls? This could help…

A new extension for Google Chrome, appropriately called LoveWins, has been released in an attempt to curb cyberbullying and prevent LGBT+ people from seeing offensive slurs while browsing the internet.

The extension, which replaces anti-LGBT+ language with positive words to describe the community, was developed by the award-winning Irish company Connector and released to coincide with this year’s Pride season.

Ivan Adriel, head of digital for the company, said the extension is the tool “we wished had existed when we were teenagers searching for our identity online”.

He continued: “Connector is a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community and, this Pride, we wanted to do something to help make the internet a better place for us all.

“The tool is designed to search web-pages for LGBT+ slurs, and, when found, make them disappear by replacing them with positive adjectives celebrating what people in the community are: proud, courageous, fearless, friendly.

“The tool also decorates the replacement words with the Pride colours.”

A report released by LGBT Ireland last year found that one in five LGB people have had hatred directed towards them on social media because of their sexuality, with the number increasing to one in three for transgender people.

Other studies have had similar findings – a report by US organisation GLSEN found that 42% of LGBT+ youth had experienced cyberbullying, 58% had negative comments directed at them because of their sexuality, and over a third had received online threats.

The LoveWins extension can be downloaded from the Chrome store for free.

Words Matt Moore



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