Oregon becomes first US state to legally recognise non-binary people


Oregon has become the first US state to offer recognition to people who identify as non-binary.

From 1 July, Oregon citizens will be able to choose from F, M, or X on driving licenses and state IDs – the X option is being introduced for non-binary people who don’t identify as either male or female.

After the change goes into effect, residents will be able to request changes to their gender on official documents without requiring a doctor’s note.

J Gibbons, a non-binary trans citizen, told The Guardian: “This change in ID is a huge piece of validation for me. The state of Oregon sees me for who I am.

“I don’t even think ‘excitement’ can capture all of my emotions about this change.”

Earlier this month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who became the first openly LGBT+ person to be elected a governor in the US, signed a law making it easier for trans people to update their gender on birth certificates.

She praised her state’s decision to update their gender policy on Twitter, calling it “one more step to dismantling institutional bias and creating a more inclusive Oregon”.

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Words Matt Moore



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