Sassy gay teacher celebrates LGBT+ community in photo with Donald Trump

© White House / Shealah Craighead

He even managed to pop out his black lace fan for the absolutely brilliant picture.

Nikos Giannopoulos, a gay teacher from Rhode Island, celebrated the LGBT+ community in an official photograph with President Donald Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump.

The teacher was at the White House after winning Rhode Island’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Although we was unable to raise LGBT+ rights with the President, he did use the event as a way to promote them, by wearing a rainbow lapel pin and bringing a black lace fan with him.

On Facebook, Giannopoulos wrote: “For my trip to the White House, I wore a rainbow pin to represent my gratitude for the LGBTQ community that has taught me to be proud, bold, and empowered by my identity – even when circumstances make that difficult.”

He also wrote that he was unable to directly speak with Donald Trump, but he would have raised LGBT+ issues with President, if he could have.


“In previous years, state teachers of the year were given the opportunity to speak to the president for a few minutes each. Had I been given the opportunity, I would have told him that the pride I feel as an American comes from my freedom to be open and honest about who I am and who I love,” he wrote.

“I would have told him that queer lives matter and anti-LGBTQ policies have a body count.

“Taking pride in queer identity means rejecting the shame imposed upon us by a harsh society. It means opening yourself up to a lifetime of criticism and misunderstanding, but knowing that it’s worth it to be able to live authentically.

“Each and every queer person has been confronted with cruelty in ways many cannot imagine – verbal and physical abuse from strangers, friends, & even family; politicians callously attacking on our right to love or merely exist in public spaces; legalized discrimination for daring to be who we are.

“Brutality is a universal part of the queer experience.”

Donald Trump has recently come under fire for ignoring Pride month, as well as being accused of not caring about those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

It’s a shame that Giannopoulos didn’t have the opportunity to raise these issues.

Words Matt Moore



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