Love conquers hate! Anti-gay protestor arrested at Pulse nightclub vigil – watch

Not today, Satan…

An anti-gay protestor was arrested outside Pulse nightclub in Orlando yesterday during a vigil held to remember the 49 victims on the first anniversary of last year’s horrendous attack at the venue.

The protestor was holding up a banner that read “All homos will burn like faggots in hell.”

The crowd responded with a chant of “love conquers hate” as police approached the man and put him in handcuffs, before leading him away.

He was one of three anti-gay protestors who decided to show up the vigil.

Pulse nightclub held a remembrance ceremony for family, friends and the local community, which honoured both the victims and the first responders.

Elsewhere, organisers of LA Pride released 49 balloons in honour of those who lost their lives in Orlando.

Brian Pendleton, who organised Sunday’s Resist March during LA Pride, said: “As we remember those lost, we must not forget the fight for the living.”

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