A gay couple have been killed in a homophobic attack


An 80-year-old man and his partner were reportedly murdered in Honduras.

Local media have described it as a homophobic attack, which took place in their home on the Caribbean coast.

Gerard Argiud and his male partner Jorge Sarmiento, 42, were shot and stabbed by attackers in the community of Tela.

They both died from their injuries hours later, according to MSN.

Jorge was prominent member of the LGBT+ community in his local area.

The Atlantis Travel Group has since issued a warning to LGBT+ people travelling to the region.

“Reports indicate the couple were attacked by several people because of their sexual orientation and position as prominent members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community,” the warning reads.

“Although same-sex activity is legal in Honduras, LGBT travellers should avoid drawing attention to their sexuality.

“Members should remain vigilant to their surroundings at all times and adopt stringent precautions because of the high rates of violent and opportunistic crime.”

Gerard Argiud was a Canadian citizen, while Jorge Sarmiento was a native in Honduras.



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