Queens on The Queen: RuPaul, Bianca Del Rio and The Vivienne on Britain’s longest-reigning monarch

Today is Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday.

A record-breaking figurehead, she made history by becoming the longest-serving British monarch, after surpassing the current record held by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

With her outfits as colourful as her openness to change – in her reign she’s seen seen LGBT+ rights passed into law and equality fought for all.

Buckingham Palace today released a series of photos of Her Majesty to mark her 91st birthday.

Back in 2015, to celebrate her historic milestone of becoming Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, we got a special message from three of our favourite queens for The Queen…

RuPaul – “I’ve gotta tell you, I really am in love with her. Her energy! And actually, I saw something on US television recently about her, and it just made me love her so much. You know, there’s a reason she’s the longest reigning queen! She was obviously born to it, but she does the job so well, and I think she does it so elegantly, that I’ve got all props for the Queen of England.”

Bianca Del Rio: “Erm.. gurl! You’re not the only Queen in the world, answer when I show up at Buckingham Palace you fucking bitch. I rang that bell the entire time. I nearly died. Di – get it? Awkward.”

The Vivienne (Drag Race UK Ambassador): “Erm.. change your hair up a little bit. I think Michelle Visage would back me up on that one! Stop wearing grey hair!”

The Queen has seen the introduction of a new line of heirs with her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren being born.

And she’s never been afraid of a bit of light fun, appearing alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Happy birthday, ma’am.



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