Lib Dem leader Tim Farron refuses to answer if he thinks homosexuality is a sin… again

Channel 4

Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron has been criticised for refusing to say of he believes homosexuality is a sin or not.

The politician – who is an evangelical Christian – has championed LGBT+ rights throughout his career, but has yet to give his belief on if he thinks same-sex love is a sin.

Farron appeared on Channel 4 News following UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement for a snap general election on the 8 June.

Cathy Newman – who originally challenged Farron on his beliefs around homosexuality back in 2015 – posed the question to him again.

“A while back I asked you whether it was true that you believed homosexuality was a sin, and you struggled to answer,” she said.

“Now you’ve had a while to consider that question, what is the answer?”

Tim Farron replied: “I don’t think I struggled to answer, I talked about how I’m not in a position to be making theological pronouncements.

“I can promise you one thing, over the next six weeks I’m not going to spend my time talking theology or making pronouncements.

 “As a liberal, I’m passionate about equality – about equal marriage, about equal rights for LGBT people, fighting not just for LGBT rights in this country but overseas.

Liberal Democrats via Flickr

“Just because I’m a Christian, it would be a bit boring for everybody if over the next six weeks I’m being asked to make theological pronouncements. I am not planning to do so.”

The Liberal Democrat leader does have a strong record when it comes to voting in favour of equal rights for LGBT+ people, despite abstaining from voting for same-sex marriage in May 2013.

Farron did tell the Observer after abstaining from that vote that he regretted his decision, adding that if the choice was ever put forward again he would vote in favour of equal marriage.

Former Lib Dem MP and the architect of the same-sex marriage law, Lynne Featherstone, defended Tim Farron after the exchange aired on television last night.

“Turn your attack on those religions that make their followers choose between their sexuality and their faith,” she tweeted. “Tim is solid on LGBT rights.”



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