Amber Heard has urged all gay male actors to come out of the closet

“If all of the gay men I knew personally came out tomorrow, then this would be a nonissue in a month.”

Hollywood actress Amber Heard has delivered a speech regarding her experiences coming out of the closet, and has implored gay male actors to do the same.

Amber spoke intimately about the issue at The Economist’s recent Price and Prejudice conference, which aims to provoke a “global discussion on why LGBT-inclusion is good for business.”

Regarding her decision to come out of the closet, Amber said, “Even though everyone around me strongly advised me against it, I just, it was just wrong. I would rather go down for being who I am than to have risen for being something I’m not.”

She then spoke about her frustrations with the media, saying that the main downside of coming out was being labeled, “I watched as I quickly became not actress Amber Heard, but out lesbian Amber Heard.”

Amber then stated that she’s proud of female actors who have come out of the closet in the past, and urged men to do the same.

“If women can do it and we can change the way that this conversation is had on a large scale, then men should be able to do it with as much or more efficacy.

“With all of the power and authority and representation—I mean, women are so severely underrepresented in film as it is, and that’s just white women, I’m not even speaking of other minority groups—if white men can’t change this, then I don’t know who can.”

Amber concluded by saying, “If every gay man that I know personally came out in Hollywood tomorrow… we’ll have a day of it, national ‘you know who you are day’ – if all of the gay men I knew personally came out tomorrow, then this would be a nonissue in a month.”





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