Grindr removes ‘T’ emoji over concerns it promotes crystal meth


Grindr’s new emoji collection is raising more than a few eyebrows.

Similar to celebrity emojis like Kimojis, the gay dating/hookup app’s new ‘Gaymojis’ feature an extensive amount of euphemisms and kink. There’s even a whole tab for the aubergine emoji alone, which we are definitely here for.

The tongue-in-cheek icons have been applauded for their expressive design. Some are very bold in their message, for example the spanking and BDSM emojis are obviously NSFW, but they encourage being clear and safe about sexual desires.

However, Grindr has had to remove its ‘T’ emoji after many social media users pointed out that it was a slang term for crystal meth. Whether or not this was the intention is unclear, but some accused the app of promoting the use of ‘party’ drugs.

A few people on Twitter thought that the ‘T’ emoji stood for trans, bringing more acceptance and diversity into the community. When the ‘T’ was taken down, one Twitter user expressed their disappointment.

Not only has there been an issue with the ‘T’, but the lack of racial diversity among the emoji collection has also been raised. This is due to most of the emojis depicting people with light skin.

There are, however, variations on some emoji skin tones, for example the aubergine can be dark skinned or light skinned, while there are several couple emojis featuring pairings of different races.

Words Bonnie Hines



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