Same-sex couple told they would be “kicked out” of pizzeria for kissing


A same-sex couple were told they would be “kicked out” of a pizza shop for kissing each other.

Bobby Slavens and his fiancé Luke Munz say they were visiting Goodfellas Pizzeria in Cincinnati on Saturday night to get food along with two of their friends when the incident happened.

“We were just holding hands, we didn’t think anything about it,” recalled Bobby, “then we gave a little kiss on the lips, a discreet peck.

“As we did so, the bouncer came to us and said, ‘Hey you guys need to stop that or you are going to get kicked out’. We were dumbfounded.”

The couple say they immediately stopped holding hands, but felt uncomfortable at the bigotry they’d been faced with once they entered the restaurant.

Bobby explained: “As the line went on, we were asked if we wanted to order pizza, and I said, ‘No, we don’t. We were just told that we cannot hold hands or kiss’.

“We have seen people in Goodfellas or any other establishment, great couples that were holding hands or kissing, and nothing was said to them. So we left.”

But the confrontation didn’t end there – the couple claim that, as they left the pizzeria, the bouncer on the door told them “this is Trump’s America” and they “need to get used to it”.

Bobby continued: “I was very upset and kind of just in disbelief. You hear all of these stories on the internet from people, especially in our community, that people are not happy. They express their anger towards our community, but it has never happened to me.”

Goodfellas Pizzeria have since posted a response explaining that, after investigating the incident, they have now terminated the employee who made the remarks.

They wrote in a statement: “The actions displayed by this now-former employee are in no way a representation of how the Goodfellas team feels towards the LGBTQ citizenry.

“We adore our community and the diversity it provides, it is a direct reason as to why we chose to open a location here. We love the variety of friends and customers that OTR allows us to serve and we genuinely care for each of you as family.

“We sincerely hope that you will allow us the opportunity to show you that Goodfellas Pizzeria is a safe harbor for all walks of life.”



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