New study finds 1 in 4 gay men have contracted an STI while in a relationship


The survey from gay men’s magazine FS quizzed 1,000 guys.

Almost one in four (23%) of gay men contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) when in a relationship, the study revealed.

Of those who did contract an STI, chlamydia was the most common disease at 38%, with gonorrhoea second at 36%.

CEO of gay men’s health charity GMFA Ian Howley, said: “It’s very clear from this survey that gay men are not getting basic sex and relationship education that many heterosexual people receive.”

“We grow up in a heterosexual world where same-sex relationships are not an everyday sight… We get no training as young gay men in how to form stable, healthy relationships with someone of the same sex.”


This news comes as it was reported today that MPs have received hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards calling for mandatory sex and relationships education (SRE) for all in the UK.

The move demanded religiously diverse and LGBTQ+ inclusive SRE.

Although the report saw high numbers of STIs, the rate of new HIV cases has significantly dropped.

Last week saw New Scientist magazine reveal that the rate of gay men being diagnosed with HIV has dropped by nearly a third in England since 2015, due in part to more people taking PrEP, although it is not yet available on the NHS.

Words Liam Taft



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