Peter Thiel: “I think Trump is very good on gay rights”

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Tech billionaire Peter Thiel has claimed that Donald Trump is “very good” for gay rights.

The co-founder of PayPal – who became the first openly gay man to speak at a Republican National Convention last year – caused controversy when he donated $1.25 million to help Trump’s presidential campaign.

Many questioned why Thiel, a member of the LGBT+ community, would show support for a potential world leader who had notoriously claimed he would reverse same-sex marriage and expressed support for anti-trans laws.

Now, in an interview with the New York Times, the Silicon Valley billionaire attempted to explain his reasoning for backing the divisive political figure, claiming that Trump will actually be “very good” for gay rights.

He said: “I think Trump is very good on gay rights. I don’t think he will reverse anything. I would obviously be concerned if I thought otherwise.”

When asked about Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who’s regarded as one of the most anti-LGBT Republicans to make their way into the White House, Thiel said: “You know, maybe I should be worried but I’m not that worried about it. I don’t know.

“People know too many gay people. There are just all these ways I think stuff has just shifted. For speaking at the Republican convention, I got attacked way more by liberal gay people than by conservative Christian people.

“I don’t think these things will particularly change. It’s like, even if you appointed a whole series of conservative Supreme Court justices, I’m not sure that Roe v. Wade would get overturned, ever. I don’t know if people even care about the Supreme Court.”

Someone who definitely isn’t on Trump’s side is film and LGBT+ icon Meryl Streep, who earlier this week dedicated an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to slating the president-elect for being a “bully”.

If you’re worried about what a Trump presidency means for LGBT+ rights, we’ve answered some of your questions here.



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