Justin Trudeau vows to house trans prisoners based on gender identity

Justin Trudeau spotted marching in the 2015 Pride Toronto parade taken by Alex Guibord via Flickr

Justin Trudeau has promised that trans inmates will be housed in prisons that match their gender identity.

The Canadian prime minister made the pledge during a town hall meeting in Kingson, Ontario, after receiving a question from a trans woman who described the country’s current placement policy as “torture”.

According to CBC News, he said: “I will make sure we look at it and we address it and we do right in recognising that trans rights are human rights and we need to make sure we are defending everyone’s dignity and rights in every way we can.”

Trudeau’s comments come just days after Correctional Service Canada released a new policy which reaffirmed that trans people must be placed according to their birth sex rather than their gender identity.

It reads: “Pre-operative male to female offenders with gender dysphoria will be held in men’s institutions and pre-operative female to male offenders with gender dysphoria will be held in women’s institutions.”

Here’s hoping that Trudeau follows through with his promise – it’s certainly not the first time he’s shown commitment to LGBT rights, as last year he became the first sitting Canadian PM to march in Toronto’s Pride parade.

He also announced that he would issue an apology to those convicted under historic anti-gay laws, and promised to repeal a ‘discriminatory’ law that bans anal sex, but not vaginal sex, for 17 and 18 year-olds.



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