Former professional footballer Adam McCabe shares his coming out story


Former pro football player Adam McCabe has issued a heartfelt statement on his coming out.

Adam, who has played for teams in England, Slovakia and Thailand, and now plays for US for semi-pro team Georgia Revolution in Atlanta, shared in depth the reasons why he decided to come out as gay.

The footballer – who also works as a model – told Meanwhiler that he believes it’s still a struggle for gay professional athletes to make their sexuality public, despite progress in LGBT+ rights.

He said: “While I was playing soccer at a younger age, I was not out to my teammates. I did not really even think about my sexuality until the end of high school and beginning of college (around 19 years old).”

Adam played both semi-professional and professional football in the UK, but admitted it wasn’t easy to come out after hearing “vulgar” homophobic comments made by teammates.

He said: “I was never told to hide my sexual preference while playing in the United States, Europe, or Asia. However, as a gay athlete your natural instinct is to hide this from your teammates, fans, and coaches.

“The language that is used during practice, in the locker room, and on the pitch is extremely masculine and at times vulgar. I have heard teammates use homophobic language both in the soccer realm and in daily life.

“It causes you to really pay attention to your surroundings and debate every action as a closeted athlete. I was afraid to share my sexuality based off of what I had heard my teammates say.”

Earlier this week, FA Chairman Greg Clarke revealed that he was in talks with a number of top-level professional footballers to try and organise a group coming out, to avoid one player having the focus on them.

Words Danny Wearin



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