Vice President-elect Mike Pence voted ‘homophobe of the year’

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Mike Pence has beaten Putin and Trump to be voted ‘homophobe of the year’.

The not-so-prestigious honour was awarded to the vice president-elect by All Out, an online ‘global movement’ which works with local organisations and activists to push for LGBT equality around the world.

Out of the more than 30,000 people who voted in the poll, 52% chose Pence as homophobe of the year, with Russian President Vladimir Putin coming in second, and US President-elect Donald Trump placing third.

All Out said: “The next Vice President of the U.S. built a career on anti-LGBT legislation. He was one of the first governors to pass a ‘religious freedom’ law, allowing companies in the state of Indiana to turn away LGBT customers.

“Guess who ‘advised’ on this horrible bill? The Alliance Defending Freedom – one of the most powerful anti-LGBT extremist groups in the U.S.”

Pence, the former Governor of Indiana, has repeatedly shown an anti-LGBT stance in his politics over the years, and many are concerned about his new role as President-elect Trump’s right-hand man.

Back in 2000, Pence proposed a shift in government funds from the Ryan White Act, which helps those living with HIV/AIDS, to “institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behaviour”.

He’s also suggested that same-sex marriage would lead to “societal collapse”, voted against passing a non-discrimination act, and supports discrimination based on religious belief – you can read more about that here.



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