Rihanna and Prince Harry get tested together to tackle HIV stigma

Kensington Palace Twitter

Now there’s a collaboration we never thought we’d see.

Pop music royalty Rihanna joined forces with actual royalty today, as she and Prince Harry got tested for HIV on camera in an attempt to raise awareness and tackle stigma on World AIDS Day.

The video, shared by Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account, shows the British Prince getting a HIV test alongside Rihanna during a visit to her birth island Barbados, to “show how easy the process is”.

As well as raising awareness for HIV testing, the video also gives us some adorable interaction between the unlikely pair – while Harry winces at the prick, Rihanna laughs and says: “You made it seem hurt!”

Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “On World AIDS Day, we couldn’t hope for a stronger message against HIV stigma than Prince Harry and Rihanna taking an HIV test together.

“Last time Prince Harry publicly took an HIV test, we saw a five-fold spike in requests for HIV test kits. By joining forces, Prince Harry and Rihanna are making a bold statement to normalise HIV testing and this will have a formidable impact on millions of young people all over the world.

“It is our genuine hope that young people grow up informed about HIV, and empowered to take control of their sexual health. Thanks to Prince Harry and Rihanna’s very public support for HIV testing, we are a step closer to this, and to a world without HIV stigma.

“The HIV epidemic is far from over – but if more people follow Prince Harry and Rihanna’s example, one day it could be.”

Watch footage of the moment below.

Find out more about World AIDS Day at tht.org.uk/worldaidsday or search #itsnotover.



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