Trans student wins the right to wear female uniform to school


A trans student who was told she was breaking uniform rules by attending school in a girl’s uniform has won a legal battle with the school.

18-year-old Lily Madigan wanted to wear clothes that corresponded to her gender identity when she attended St Simon Stock Catholic School in Maidstone, Kent. After she was reportedly threatened with suspension for breaking uniform rules, she hired a solicitor to help fight for her rights.

I addition to the legal support of a solicitor, Lily also launched a petition, which gathered 200 students to her cause.

After Lily’s legal representation sent details of the 2010 Equality Act to the Catholic school – which states that a person “must not be discriminated against because of their gender reassignment as a transsexual” – and a lengthy battle with her school, she’s now been allowed to wear the school uniform she feels most comfortable in, and the right to use the girls’ toilets and changing rooms.



Discussing the difficulties transitioning and attending college simultaneously, Lily told the Mail Online: “I decided to come in dressed in the girls’ dress code, which basically meant I was wearing a top instead of a shirt.

“It made me feel so happy, until I was sent home.

“I am very happy about the changes but I felt it was something I shouldn’t have had to fight so hard for, if at all.”

Lily added: “I’m encouraged in that I’ve seen what I’m capable of achieving and I’m proud, but I’m not encouraged about the school’s attitude to equality.”

The Mail report that the school is now training staff to be more understanding and sensitive when teaching pupils who are transitioning or gender fluid.

Words Bryan Bernal



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