Man in ‘Gays for Trump’ shirt attacks protester at political rally

CNN / Twitter

A Trump supporter wearing a rainbow ‘Gays for Trump t-shirt’ attacked a protestor at a political rally in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In video made available via social media, the attacker is seen to be wearing the distinctive red, ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap as he pursues a man up the aisle of the political rally.

He then appears to confront the man, who was reportedly carrying an upside-down American flag.

As the Trump supporter confronts the protestor the crowd chants “USA” repeatedly. After police officers quickly broke up the altercation and escorted the Trump supporter away, the crowd then changed their chant to: “Let him stay!”

The attacker can also be seen high-fiving Trump supporters in footage.

“It’s really total disrespect for the American flag,” Trump said, pointing to the protester. “There he is, look, look. That’s what’s happening to our country, that’s what happening. That is total disrespect for our flag, that’s what’s happening to our country.”

“We’re going to turn it around, folks,” he told the crowd in Greensboro. “We’re going to turn it around.”

LGBTQ Nation spoke to local gay and HIV activist Tony Booe, who claims the man worked the Gays for Trump booth at NC Pride. “Him and a couple others were ‘mostly’ peaceful,” he told the website.

You can watch video from the rally here:

And here:



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