Philip Christopher Baldwin says there’s “no excuse” for Azealia Banks’ homophobic comments


LGBT activist Philip Christopher Baldwin has called out Azealia Banks for her homophobic and racist language on social media.

The latest victim of Azealia’s infamous Twitter rants is former One Direction member Zayn Malik, who the rapper this week accused of being a ‘dick riding faggot’.

She also used racial slurs against the pop star, calling him a “hairy curry scented bitch” and referring to his mother as “a dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum”.

Philip Christopher Baldwin, who has made a name for himself as a gay rights activist, is calling for social media giant Twitter to suspend Azealia’s account over her “disgusting” comments.

He told GT: “I’m completely disgusted by what Azealia Banks has said on Twitter about Zayn Malik. There is no excuse for either racism or homophobia. I cannot comprehend how she thinks such language could be acceptable.

“She’s lashed out without giving any thought to what she’s tweeting and it’s revealed her to be racist and homophobic. She has let her fans down and is setting a horrendous example to her followers.”

Philip continued: “Furthermore, she’s completely delusional. Why would Zayn, a much more successful artist and very handsome man, be interested in either her music video or ‘eating her ass’?

“Her vitriolic tirade is obscene. Twitter has rules about content and this should fall within the ‘abusive behaviour’ category. I think Twitter should suspend her account to send a clear message that such behaviour is unacceptable.”



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