Israel Tourist Board defends its “controversial” Tel Aviv Pride advert

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Israel’s tourism board have defended their decision to run controversial Tel Aviv Pride adverts in London.

The ominous advert, which simply read “Imagine London Without Gays…”, left many wondering not only who had commissioned the posters, but what the intention behind them was.

It soon emerged, however, that the adverts were in promotion for Tel Aviv Pride, with the punch line being that every gay person will have left London to travel to the annual event.

Speaking to, the Israel Ministry of Tourism have defended their “controversial” adverts by claiming they wanted to be “thought provoking”.

© Israel Government Tourist Office

© Israel Government Tourist Office

Naama Oryan-Kaplan, director of the UK and Ireland for the Israel Government Tourist Office, said: “The reaction to our campaign has been priceless and something that we had hoped for.

“Initially, social media was buzzing with disgust and bafflement at the teaser billboards plastered across London – and it is easy to see why; our messaging was controversial and lacked information.

“We wanted to raise awareness of Israel and Tel Aviv as an LGBTQ friendly destination, as well as bolster the profile of Tel Aviv’s annual Pride Festival, which is the largest in the Middle East.”

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