Half of straight people carry the ‘gay gene’ according to study

New research has found that half of the population may be carrying a ‘gay gene’ that continues to pass homosexuality on for generations.

The study, conducted by Ilia State University in Georgia, was designed to explore how genes could be passed on, given the fact that it is less likely for gay men to father children than straight men.

It also took into consideration previous research which has shown that female relatives of gay men tend to have more children, offering explanation to the persistence of homosexuality in larger populations.

Giorgi Chaladze, who conducted the study, explains that having the gene doesn’t automatically make you gay.

The study, reported by Science Daily, also found that “half of the male and female population would need to carry genes affecting sexuality” for there to be a stable rate of homosexuality within larger populations.

He said: “The trend of female family members of homosexual men to have more offspring can help explain the persistence of homosexuality, if we also consider that those males who have such genes are not always homosexuals.”

Words James Jefferson



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