Russia proposes health facilities to treat homosexuality and ‘gender identity disorders’


The Russian Ministry of Health have proposed new regulations that would introduce dedicated health facilities to treat homosexuality.

The draft rules would see the creation of exam rooms throughout the country for people with “gender identity disorders,” “disorders of sexual preferences,” and pedophilia.

Published on a Russian government website, the suggestion comes as part of a package of proposed amendments to “mental and behavioural disorder” care rules, and is currently open to public feedback which will be taken into account.

If it comes into effect, psychiatric hospitals and primary care clinics would be required to install “sexology exam rooms,” where clinicians would counsel “patients with conditions related to gender identification problems, sexual disharmonies and deviations.”

According to translations by BuzzFeed News, the facilities would also target “sexual deviations among children and youth,” and “consult youth about their sexual education and knowledge of gender.”

As well as attempting to treat LGBT citizens, the facilities would also see “forced treatment” for pedophilia when ordered by a court.

Another rule states that every exam room would be required to hold “at least one dildo.” While there is no reasoning provided, the Russian Society of Psychiatrists has previously discussed the potential of using them to treat women who find intercourse painful.

It’s the latest in a string of suggested anti-gay laws from Russia, following last month’s proposal of a ban on public displays of same-sex affection.

The bill would see fines and potential imprisonment for anyone publicly coming out as gay or even holding hands with a member of the same sex.



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