A third of Trump supporters in South Carolina want gay people banned from the US


A third of Donald Trump supporters in South Carolina think that gay people should be banned from entering the US.

According to the Public Policy Polling survey, 31% of his supporters want a ban on gay people, something no more than 17% of the other candidate’s voters think is a good idea.

Conducted ahead of a Republican primary vote on Saturday, the results also show that 33% of Donald’s supporters believe Islam should be illegal in the country, while 40% want all mosques shut down.

The presidential hopeful currently has a strong lead over his fellow GOP candidates in South Carolina, with 35% of the state’s Republicans intending to vote for him, compared to just 18% each for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Donald recently argued that overruling the Supreme Court’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage would “unify” the US.



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