New poll suggests Hillary Clinton has got the LGBT vote

In a recent poll, more US voters believed Bernie Sanders was ‘the most supportive of gay rights’, but Hilary is still in the lead.

The poll from Community Marketing and Insights featured 563 LGBTI voters across 46 states, and asked them which democratic candidate was ‘the most supportive of gay rights.’ The survey revealed 31% of LGBTI people polled believed it was Bernie Sanders, while only 25% of people selected Hilary Clinton – 37% believed they are equally supportive.

However, when asked which candidate they would vote for if the election, were held today, 48% chose Hilary and only 41% chose Bernie.  Republican politician Donald trump came third place with 2% of the vote.

Interestingly, the poll asked which Republican politician was the most supportive of gay rights – 73% responded that neither Donald Trump, John Kasich or any of the other candidates were supportive of LGBTI rights.

David Paisley, senior research director at Community Marketing and Insights said; “‘Unless something changes, the [Republican] party may largely forfeit about 5% of adults in the United States to the Democrats, which can cause important swings in tight elections.”

Both Bernie and Hillary have been fighting hard for the LGBT vote during the past two Presidential primaries. Bernie recently released a new campaign video featuring a diverse group of voters and supporters, while Hillary pledged that the LGBT Equality Act would be at her top priority if elected to the White House.

The next hurdle the Presidential hopefuls from both parties will be the South Caroline primary. The 2016 primary will be held on February 20 for Republicans, and on February 27 for Democrats.

Words Martin J Dixon



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