Indonesian minister says LGBT students should be banned from university

University of Indonesia campus via Wikimedia

An Indonesian government minister has said that gay students showing affection for one another in public should be banned from attending the University of Indonesia.

Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir made the comments after discovering that an LGBT support group had been set up at the university.

The Support Group and Research Centre on Sexuality Studies association planned to offer counselling services for members of the LGBT community.

According to the Jakarta Post, when Muhammad heard of the group he made a statement saying: “There are standards of values and morals to uphold. A university is a moral safeguard.”

Now, after receiving backlash over his comments, including a Change.org petition that has received over a thousand signatures calling for him to apologise, the minister has taken to Twitter to clarify his comments.

He said: “My prohibition against the LGBT community entering campuses is if they show inappropriate behaviour such as having sex, or public displays of affection on campus.

“This was what I meant that will cause damage to the morality of the nation.”

The University of Indonesia have since distanced themselves from the support group, claiming to have no knowledge of its existence.



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