The Danish Girl has been banned in Qatar


The film, which tells the true story of one of the world’s first gender reassignment surgeries, has been banned in Qatar.

The Ministry of Culture in Qatar revealed in a tweet that they had banned the film in cinemas across the country.

The tweet translates to: “We would like to inform you that we have contacted the concerned department and the screening of the Danish film is now banned from cinemas. We thank your unwavering vigilance.”

Doha News reports that the reception to the ban has been mixed, with some arguing that it contains “moral depravity”, and others saying that by banning it, it’s giving the film more publicity.

Speaking to GT, Eddie Redmayne spoke about importance of this film. “We need to break down prejudice, taboos and misconceptions,” he said. “Society needs to understand the difficulties faced by trans people – and especially the amount of abuse and physical violence they’re often subjected to.”

The Danish Girl is not the first film to fall into trouble in Qatar. In 2014, The Wolf of Wall Street had 50 minutes cut from the 180 minute running time.

Read the full interview with Eddie Redmayne at gaytimes.co.uk/culture

Words Matt Hooper



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