Human rights lawyer fears Tara Hudson may “kill herself” after trauma of men’s prison


A human rights lawyer has expressed concern that trans woman Tara Hudson may “kill herself” after the trauma of being sent to an all-male prison.

Tara was sent to the all-male prison despite identifying as a woman, a decision that has caused a huge backlash among human rights campaigners.

Lawyer Jane Faye told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “[Tara] has now been in a men’s prison for the past seven days. I spoke to her mother, she’s on a wing where the men are calling out ‘Tara, Tara, Tara, show us your tits’. She is being actually abused, harassed, and is in grave danger of assault everyday.”

Tara was placed into the men’s prison as her legal gender is male, despite having lived her whole adult life as a woman and spending six years transitioning.

During the interview, Jane raised concerns that Tara could be assaulted in prison, or that the lasting effect of the experience would cause her to commit suicide upon release.

She said: “There are two concerns – the minor concern, although it’s a real concern, is that she’ll be assaulted or raped. We think that they will take care of her about that, because the claim for compensation if that happened would be eye watering.

“What we are seriously concerned about is that she will come out in two weeks and she will kill herself. The trauma for a trans woman of this happening to them is immense and I don’t think The Ministry Of Justice have considered that for one second.”

As well as a Change.org petition being set up – which currently has 130k signatures – protests about Tara’s detention in an all-male prison are taking place in London and Bristol on Saturday.

Demonstrations will begin on Saturday at 10am outside the Bristol Crown Court of appeal where Tara is due to appeal against her custodial sentence. Organisers of the London protest, which will take place outside the Ministry of Justice in London at 12 noon, have said: “We are protesting because we are angry and disgusted by the actions of the prison service, which we believe to be transphobic, harmful and a breach of Tara’s human rights.

“All trans people should be treated humanely and equitably by the prison service and courts. Instead, she has been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment which we firmly believe amounts to torture, for the simple crime of not having the right paperwork

“Tara’s personal safety should be the most important consideration here, and we are concerned by reports today revealing that, in breach of the Ministry of Justice’s own guidelines, she has not been fully segregated and is being held alongside the male population, where she is constantly subject to sexual harassment and the very real risk of assault and worse.”



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