Real stories

Gay 19-year-old college diver Aidan Faminoff shares his coming out story

“Being gay in my county means there’s always a huge fear of being beaten by homophobes.”

“People like me try and fill our lives with anything but ourselves, because we don’t think we’re worth anything”

“The Church of England remains a battleground and all LGBT+ people need to advocate for change.”

“Not only do I fear straight white working class blokes, I also fear the gay white men who populate bars in Soho.”

Watch baseball crowd cheer as gay couple get engaged at the game

“Why should our love be sacrificed for Mr Putin or Mr Poroshenko?!”

This gay guy asked his friend’s mom for permission to sleep over, and her response is hilarious

Remembering gay 9/11 hero Mark Bingham, 16 years on

“LGBT+ inclusive football teams will hopefully encourage more people to realise it’s a beautiful game after all.”

Say hello to your new Instagram obsession: Pug and Cat!

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black open up about being bullied at school

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