One of the most frustrating problems men face in the bedroom has now been solved


“Ensuring users get an undisturbed night’s sleep…”

You know what it’s like in the morning. You finally wake up after pressing snooze six times on your iPhone to find that you forgot to charge it overnight, you’re only on 8%, and you’ve got about 15 minutes before you’re late for work.

Well, all that can be a thing of the past thanks to the Bensons for Beds Revive cabinet. Forget messy cables and forget losing your phone charger, The Revive is transforming the ways users charge their smartphones.

Created in collaboration with Frank Olsen, the Revive is a bedside cabinet which charges phones with innovative charging spots – compatible with 95% of smartphones currently available on the market. Featuring wireless charging and patent-pending technology, the cabinet automatically boosts the battery of smartphones when they’re placed on the bed-side piece.

The method of charging also reduces the ambient light which charging a traditional phone can emit, ensuring users get an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Beause the last thing anyone wants to do in the bedroom is run out of steam…

The Revive is available in grey and white exclusively in Bensons for Beds stores, priced £199. Click here for more details.



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