The two main parts to becoming dads through surrogacy in the UK

You know you both want to be dads, but where do you start in the planning and researching on who, what, where and when?

Do you go oversees to the USA, or other ‘cheaper’ destinations that are being marketed to you, or do you create your family here in the UK?

Gay Times, CARE Fertility and Surrogacy UK have collaborated to give you as much information about fertility and surrogacy options for gay men.

We understand how important this decision is and how little material is out there for gay men and their options within the UK.

Join our webinar in the evening on Thursday 27th April to learn more about who, what, where and when and read on for a teaser of what the experts will be discussing.

There are two main parts to becoming dads:

  • Finding your surrogate Surrogacy UK is one organisation that creates an environment for intended parents (IPs), both gay and straight to meet amazing women who, for a myriad of reasons, have decided that they would like to help couples who otherwise can’t have a child. It is illegal in the UK to advertise for a surrogate and to pay for a woman’s service as a surrogate. What is legal, however, is to cover reasonable expenses. Surrogacy in the UK is characterised by close relationships formed between surrogates and IP’s and the ethos is altruism and friendship. It is as much the surrogate’s dream to help someone become a parent as it is the IPs dream to have a family and it is on this basis that many happy families have been created.
  • Creating your embryos Creating your embryo’s first will enable you to start the process of your journey to parenthood. This can be done before or whilst you are registering with either Surrogacy UK or another surrogacy organisation in the UK.

Embryos can be created with an anonymous egg donor or a known egg donor that you have chosen and can be held with a fertility clinic until they are ready to be implanted into your surrogate. The other benefit of creating your embryos is that a surrogate would be more inclined to start the journey with you as your surrogate would not need to wait for the embryos to be created.

The webinar will provide an opportunity to gain information in the comfort of your home from a Surrogacy UK member a CARE Fertility expert. Learn more about the risks of going overseas, compared to treatment here in the UK, the legal requirements and an overview of the costs.

The experts understand this process and they have created many families for gay dads in the UK already and wish to share their knowledge and experience to enable you to embark on your journey to becoming dads.

To register please click here.



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