We’re not getting enough sleep, and it’s not for the fun reason…

Fellas, we need to talk. We’re not getting enough sleep at night and it’s costing us in more ways than one. Especially if we’re from Plymouth…

And it’s not because we’re out too late, binge-watching on Netflix or, ahem being romanced – it’s because we’re too stressed out at work.

Bensons for Beds’ annual sleep report says that we men are losing an entire night of shut eye every week – and four in ten of us say it’s because there’s too much on our minds from our nine-to-fives.

And on top of all that, one in five of us admitted that the lack of shut eye is impacting our overall work performance with concentration (68&), motivaiton (44%) and stress management (28%) also being negatively affected. Twelve per cent of us said that we’ve actually fallen asleep at our desks or during a meeting as a result, while 8% of us have called in sick due to feeling too tired after a poor night’s sleep. In total, it’s costing the UK economy more than £1billion in annual revenue. Crikey.

The most under slept city in the UK is Plymouth, followed closely by Cardiff and Lincoln, with those who took part in the sleep study claiming to experience more poor night’s sleep than good.

The report was in collaboration with Dr Guy Meadows, founder of The Sleep School, who said: “The results from this second national survey suggest a worsening of the UK’s sleepless epidemic with the number of adults reporting to get less than six hours sleep per night increasing from 46% to 53%. Worryingly, a similar pattern of sleeplessness is also evident in children, with over 20% of those aged between three and 17 years reported to not be getting the required sleep for their age.

“Given the importance of sleep for both children and adults in maintaining mental, emotional and physical health, such figures are deeply worrying for the long term health of the nation.

“In addition, with over a billion pounds lost because of absenteeism from work due to poor sleep, not to mention its negative impact on mental performance, it’s time the UK woke up to the negative cost of sleep deprivation on the UK economy.

“To counter these results The Sleep School and Bensons for Beds are committed to helping the nation to sleep better naturally by providing essential sleep education, as well as expert bedroom advice and comfort solutions.”

For advice on how you can get a better night’s sleep visit click here.



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