Gay men look for guys with same eye colour as their father, new study finds


Looking your father in the eye after admitting you like getting down with other guys has always been difficult, but the findings of this new study makes it even harder.

The study claims that gay men were twice as likely to have a lover with a similar eye colour to their father.

The research – which looked into attraction based on eye colour – examined homosexual men, along with heterosexual women.

The same study was conducted on straight men and homosexual women, which found that they were far more likely to go for women with the eye colour as their mothers.

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The findings are based on 300 men and women who were quizzed on the colour of their parents’ eyes, and that of their partners’.

Eye colours were then set into light (green, blue and grey) and dark (black, dark brown and light brown).

The study seems to prove Sigmund Freud’s theories of Oedipal ideologies, which he introduced in his Interpretation of Dreams (1899), expressing that some desire sexual involvement with parent one parent, whilst developing a sense of rivalry with the other.

It’s all very Game of Thrones.

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