Watch what happens when these gay twins have their Grindr messages read out

“So are you a devil or an angel?”

YouTuber Michael Rizzi somehow managed to convince gay twins Adam and Luke Monastero to hand over their Grindr accounts and have some of the messages they’ve been sent – as well as the replies they’ve sent back – read aloud in a new video.

After looking at the message and the response, it’s then down to Michael to figure out whose phone it is from. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, there are the usual upfront requests, financial incentives, and light flirting you encounter on any dating app.

But watch the video above to see how well the Monastero Twins respond to them.

Especially when they recall actually seeing one of their admirers in real life at a local Topman…

Surely that wasn’t as awkward as the time they left their own mother take control of their Tinder accounts to help find them boyfriends?



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