The Naked Professor wants others to talk openly about mental health

His identity is to remain anonymous… for now.

The Naked Professor has released a scenic video in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, with the aim of bringing awareness to mental and physical health by sharing how he has become emotionally free.

Staying true to his name, the qualified life coach and mental wellness advocate explains his journey, baring both his emotions and his, ahem, body.

“I walk here exposing my soul, choosing to break the rules and live outside of society’s norms, so I can exist free from the restrictions of conformity,” he says in the visual.

“It’s time for me to get out of my comfort zone and stare fear in the face, for it will no longer be a suppressor of my hopes and dreams.”

His team tells us: “One of the things he’s noticed is that people put a lot of energy into making sure their body is in great shape – and post about it across Instagram.

“But few are as comfortable baring their soul when it comes to their mental wellbeing.”

The Naked Professor wants this video to open up the conversation around mental health, especially with his followers across this social media followers.

At the moment he is keeping his identity secret, but we’re told that he’s more than aware that he’ll need to say who he is in the coming weeks as the conversation grows.

Watch this space.

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