11 ways to avoid another sticky, sweaty night without sleep…


You might not have noticed – if you haven’t heard your colleagues whinging in your office or seen the incessant tweets from people complaining on social media – but it’s hot outside. Very hot. As high as 32ºC in some parts of the UK.

It’s not much cooler at night either, and the likelyhood is you spent last night clammily tossing and turning, trying to dry the sweat patches from your duvet or kicking your boyfriend out of bed because the idea of sharing a space with another human being when it’s this hot is literally hell on Earth.

But although we can’t control the strength of the sun, we can make little changes to ensure we get a decent kip every night. That’s why Bensons for Beds have put together 11 life hacks that could help you stay cool and well-rested this summer. You’ll thank us for them tonight, trust us.

1. Lose a layer.

Sometimes the simplist solutions are the best. Use sheets and blankets, rather than duvets; these can help to regulate body temperature quickly and easily.

2. Cool shower.

Take a cool shower before bed for a qick and easy way to cool down. Avoid frezing showers though as these can be overly stimulating and wake you up.

3. Choose cotton.

Save satin, silk or polyester sheets for a coolder day! Cotton bed linens are lightweight and breathable, promoting airflow in your bedroom.

4. Reach for the H20.

Have a glass of water nearby to drink if and when thirsty. But remember, drinking a full glass of water before bed can lead to multiple toilet visits throughout the night.

5. Summer noise.

Warm weather encourages outdoor activities with lots of loud, excited voices. Use ear plugs to block out noise for a quiet sleep environment.

6. Make your own breeze.

Humans sleep best in a cool bedroom, with the ideal temperature being 17ºC. Open a window or invest in a silent electric fan to add an extra breeze.

7. Keep a cool head.

Getting frustrated and restless because you’re hot only generates more heat and keeps you up longer. Keep a cool head by lying still – only by accepting the heat can you move your mind and body closer to sleep.

8. Late-night entertaining.

Warmer nights bring delayed bed times, which can lead to later eating and drinking close to bedtime. For best quality sleep aim to leave at least two hours between eating and sleeping, while limiting alcohol close to bedtime.

9. Find a cool room.

Some areas of the house are cooler than others. If the heat becomes unbearable, set up camp in another room and enjoy a new cool sleep haven.

10. Frozen bedding.

When bedroom temperatures soar drastically, action is often needed. Pop your sheets and pillows into bags and put them in the freezer ready for a cool bedtime.

11. Stay cool in bed.

Core body temperature plays an important role in the regulation of sleep, with a slight drop at the start of the night needed to help you fall to sleep. Bensons for Beds iGel technology pillows absorb heat and store it if you are too hot, thus keeping you at a more balanced, natural sleeping temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep.



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