The Kilted Coaches stretch it all out in their latest video… – NSFW


Sun’s out, bums out…

The first rule of working out is to warm up before you do yourself an injury. Good job, then, that the Kilted Coaches are on hand to help you stretch out properly in their latest video.

The warm up session sees the Scottish hunks heel-tapping, back-slapping and deep-squatting, all while dressed solely in their best tartan.

That being said, the pair warmed up so well that they have to lose the kilts by the end…


The Kilted Coaches – consisting of Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields – have gained millions of views on YouTube for their kilted fitness sessions.

It’s not the first time they have gotten a little bit cheeky on YouTube, giving viewers more than an eyeful when they found out that doing burpees in your best tartan on a windy day can, well, leave you a bit exposed.

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