Someone asked Patti LuPone about President Trump – her response was brutal


Buckle in boys – Patti isn’t happy!

The Broadway icon has never been shy about airing her views on pretty much anything or even anyone. Just last month she hit international headlines when she trashed Madonna’s take on Evita. “I thought it was a piece of shit,” the Tony Award-winning previously said.

“Madonna is a movie killer. She’s dead behind the eyes, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag, and she should not be in film or on stage.

Now, in an interview with Broadway.com, the Evita star and current War Paint leading lady has spoke out against President Trump.

“He’s an fucking ass, mother-fucking asshole,” she begins angrily. “He’s a fucking nut and… he’s certifiably insane and he has compromised this country.”

Raising her voice once again: “Why are we not doing anything about it? Why is it taking so long? What the fuck is going on in this country?”

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Patti also addressed her recent comments about Madonna starring in Evita.

“Do I regret saying that? Not at all,” she explained. “I think it’s a point of fact. Some can and some can’t.”

She also revealed her dislike for selfies and the ever-growing popularity in bringing musicals to live television adaptations. However, she does approve of the recent live-action Beauty and the Beast, musical Wicked and a certain Drag Race star.

“I don’t watch it but I love RuPaul,’ she laughs. Well, at least that’s one thing she does approve of. Remind us never to pick a fight with this Broadway diva!

You can watch the full interview below…



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